Who are we?

Hampshire Cosplay for Charity was set up to fill the gap between Cosplay and Charity Fundrasing. There are so many great people out there that only cosplay at cons. Why not turn that awesome energy into something amazing. And start raising money for some very worthy causes. And it'll only take up a few hours of your time.

Andy & Samantha have been organising charity events for some time now, and local (and national) charities are now contacting them to supply characters, to help them out.

YOU could be at our next event.


Stuff we do

We have associated ourselves with the Cancer Research UK shop in Southsea. So this is our main charity at the moment. But we are inundated with charities contacting us to help out, from fundrasing walks along the beach, to helping out in supermarkets.

On our events, Samantha & Andy make sure that everything is taken care of. From parking and having somewhere secure to change, to making sure there is a supply of refreshments on hand to stay hydrated and keep the blood suger levels up. We make sure anyone with particular needs are always taken care of. Those that have cosplay weapons will be notified if there are any issues bringing them on the event.



One more thing

You can join us by using the form at the bottom of this page.

The best place to keep up to date with our events, is on our facebook group. This was set up for cosplayers to jump on board and become a part of a great family of people, all wiith the same great passion for fundraising.